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lucky clover
Posted on 2009.01.18 at 22:37
Current Mood: nostalgicnostalgic
I have rediscovered my livejournal, huzzah!!!

(Contrary to the mood emoticon below/above this is a happy nostalgic, not a depressing one)



Posted on 2006.11.11 at 14:13
Current Location: My bedroom
Current Music: Hey there little mouse...
I have been busy, as I am too lazy to string the things I've done into proper sentances I have instead decided on a list format ^^ (they are not necessarily in order though)

1. Gone back to uni (did this ages ago and I have in fact repeated the going back twice now)
2. Taken up ballroom dancing again (I think I can cha-cha moderately well now, well at least I've improved since last time^^)
3. Learnt to stand on my head (yoga)
4. Been up to the Natural History Museum in London for a talk by Sir David Attenborough (he was interviewed by one of the Dimblebys-I love that surname, its like a cross between Dumbledore and bumblebee!). I got his autograph, a photo, shook his hand and actually spoke to him^^. There was also free alcohol provided and canopees. It was filmed too but I don't know if that was for the TV or Natural History archives.
5. Handed in a tonne of work, but I guess I can't really complain as I'm not in my third year, but I am doing an extra unit (I can't remember why now though.
6. Gone to see the witches at the uni theatre.
7. Gone out dressed as a pirate! Yarrrrrrr!
8. Failed to go to a fireworks display : (
9. Cooked myself fajitas
10. Spent 30mins of my life watching a fly for animal behaviour, followed by 6 hours of writing about watching the fly (Musca domestica).
11. Bought Look Around You series one on DVD!
12. Shown Emily the wonders *ahem* of Jesters. The exploits of which deserve an entire post to themselves, which I may or may not write at a later point today.

Anyway Does anyone from Wycombe want to do a secret santa this Christmas? I don't mind organising it etc. Let me know if you're intereted?

P.S. You'll have to let me know if they actually develop the photos Emily, either way I'll send you mine and Laura's if I can get a hold of them. Hope you got back safely (by the grace of Hutton) and good luck getting your work done, it was great to see you ^^, Thankyou Emily, Themily!


My Phone : (

Posted on 2006.08.08 at 01:59
Current Location: In my room in Wycombe
Current Mood: gloomygloomy
Current Music: none
This is just a quick post to say that my mobile phone has been stolen : ( (it wasn't even worth much!)I'll update properly when I'm feeling less tired (ie. when it is not the middle of the night) as I have in fact been doing some exciting things (Brighton was amazing, it is just a pity that I couldn't go back with people the weekend just gone due to work and (I have a new job, I'm not at TGI's anymore!) and I had to put marzipan on + decorate the cake for my Uncles 60th.

Anyway the main point to this post was to say that if you try to contact me via my mobile, I won't reply and that is not because I can't be bothered/feel like ignoring you. I do still want to do things but I will have to be contacted at home. If you don't have the number then e-mail me (though you probably will do). Also all your numbers were stored on my Sim card which was also taken as it was in the phone, so I would greatly appreciate it if you could e-mail me your/anyone elses phone numbers, many thanks.

Also if anyone feels the need to cook, particularly anything chocolatey, then Emily and I have concocted the mother of all brownie recipies. I will have to make some more of them... mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm... brownies!


Dungeon -Sorry Fliss

Posted on 2006.06.29 at 12:29
Current Mood: blahblah

I escaped from the Dungeon of Phishphingers!

I killed Eris348 the gelatinous cube, Vilekitty the zombie, Daredelvil the goblin, Acred the kobold, Dougle the giant spider and Hello Smelly the giant spider.

I looted the Armour of Osymandias, the Crown of Skywalkerfreak, the Axe of Josecf, a Figurine of Theepitomeof, the Wand of Riddles, the Axe of Black Vodka, the Crown of Squarky, the Wand of Winter, the Armour of Boccherini and 158 gold pieces.

Score: 358

Explore the Dungeon of Phishphingers and try to beat this score,
or enter your username to generate and explore your own dungeon...

lucky clover


Posted on 2006.06.05 at 00:36
Current Mood: tiredtired
I currently should be revising for my ecology however I have taken this moment to update LJ. I fear that I'm becoming an expert at distracting myself. I even attempted defrosting the freezer again the other day. This did have unforseen benefits though: I rerediscovered two partially eaten tubs of icecream (one cherry the other chocolate). I did find them the first time the freezer was defrosted before Easter however someone managed to leave the door ajar over the holiday so the top two open shelves filled with ice again. I then forgot about the icecream until yesterday.

I also helped Laura customize her LJ before feeling inspired to do the same to mine. Not only have I changed the colours etc. but when I go to leave a comment on a friends page its says 'donate to the pirates', after 1 comment it says '1 bottle of rum' this is then replaced by '2/3/4 etc. pieces of eight'. I knew how to do this before as I'd already sorted the dragon/hoard thing on mine but it had always been something I'd get round to doing. That is, of course, until I actually have important things to do and I suddenly can't concentrate until I get these little annoying sorts of things done. I am so glad I'm not in my second year when stuff actually counts.

There are people smoking under my window again. gah! It is summer, my room is hot, I need my window open. I do not need a room that smells of cigarette smoke, it is highly unpleasant. The seal on my window is broken so it doesn't even make any difference if I shut it gah! I really don't tink that Luke yelling at them the other day helped, but bless him for getting cross on my behalf. I ask them to move along politely which of course they do, but there are a fair few smokers here and most of them forget. Annoying, at least I only have to put up with it for a few more weeks, if that.

I can't wait to move into my house for next year with Becky and Laura. It is a 15 min walk to uni (up a hill, so its only 10 back) + the uni bus service goes right past it, you can see the bus stop from the doorstep. There is a cornershop close by, there are 2 houses and a road between, as the shop is on the corner. There is also a fish and chip shop diagonally opposite and the house is precisely 6 mins walk from pizza hut (timed). We actually have a garden too and all of are rooms are double bed sized + we have a spare single room for anyone who wants to visit. The rents not bad either ^^. I can't wait to move in though I'll be coming back to Wycombe to see everyone (I don't think Luke'd like it if I stayed down here either) and work at TGI's *groan*.

meme: Leave your name, and

1. I'll respond with something random about you
2. I'll challenge you to try something
3. I'll pick a colour that I associate with you
4. I'll tell you something I like about you
5. I'll tell you my first/clearest memory of you
6. I'll tell you what animal you remind me of
7. I'll ask you something I've always wanted to ask you
8. If I do this for you, you must post this on yours.

There are probably lots of grammer/spelling errors in the above, but that will probably just be my distraction for tomorrow!


Meme stolen from Dizzy

Posted on 2006.06.02 at 01:47
Current Mood: sleepysleepy
memeCollapse )



Posted on 2006.05.15 at 18:09
phishphingers is radioactive. Wear protective clothing at all times.


From Go-Quiz.com


I really should be working but.......

Posted on 2006.05.14 at 14:56
Current Mood: working<--ought to be working
I went to the biosoc boat ball with Luke on Mon. It wasn't as boccherini as the WHS one, but I had a fantastic time nonetheless. I even have a vaguely funny story; at one point Luke fell asleep with his head in my lap and some people I didn't know found this slightly amusing. Anyway I woke him up and left for the toilet, saying he should stay awake and I'd be back in a min. When I returned he was fast asleep again and the poor dear had had biology written across his forehead and a curly moustache added for good measure. He must have slept through the whole thing as he looked very puzzled as I tried to wipe it off. I took some photos (to prove to him that he had eyeliner all over his face) but I think it'd probably be very mean of me to post them? Especialy as he bought me a lovely ring to wear that night.

I do have a photomograph of before we left though: Luke and I and from the boat: the view before we left.

Apart from that I haven't been doing too much, I've been trying and failing to write essays. I did go home for Nans birthday and Alison's 16th, so I got to see Hannah before she left. I think she actually went today.

I hate revision!!!!!!

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I caught an octopus!

Posted on 2006.04.28 at 20:15
Current Music: hum of laptop
It is time....

to update Livejournal.

I successfully refrained from doing so yesterday, when I had my investigation to do (only got 3 hours sleep), which I really should have done over Easter or even on Wednesday when I had the day off. However I spent that day very constructively........or not. Luke went back to Wycombe in the morning and then Becky & I iced some biscuits (the dough was the left over lemon one, that I made with Emily we should soooooo have made brownies......the war is not over!) Spot the HP inspired oneCollapse ) Then instead of doing work I made a raspberry & choc pudding mmmmmmmmmmmmm before joining a party of intrepid explorers off in search of the fabled Chinese circus. It was discovered and tickets for Sat night purchased. I have never been to the circus before.

In exciting news I might be going sailing on Sun. I was in my room feeling v. tired so I decided to text Jennie (who I met on the Spain field course) to see if she wanted to watch DVD's. She couldn't but instead she asked if I wanted to go sailing with her on Sun to the Isle of Wight where we could stay at a pub then come back on Mon! I don't need to bring more than £10! I have however never sailed before, hmmmmmmmm, could be interesting.

The Field trip to Spain was great, enormous, fantastic etc. fun.I saw a lizard, a scorpion and a 15cm long centipede, the latter got drowned in ethanol before being pinned to the wall (I did not do this), one poor butterfly was put in the deep freezer. I held a wild terrapin, a sea cucumber and an antlion. I caught a crab, a poisonous spider, a sea anenome and an octopus!!!Collapse )
+ loads of other athropods some of which also got pinned to the wall (I did not do this).

We also spent a couple of days picking flowers, I supressed urges to skip. A group of us also failed spectacularly to catch mole crickets in the dark, we were duped by a plastic bag that did a very good impersonation.

It lasted 2 weeks, its just a pity it wasn't during term time instead of over the vacation. The weather though was fantastic, the first day was cloudy and one day it rained but apart from that the temp reached 30 degrees and it was v.sunny. Nearly everybody got a tan bar me as I wore factor 40, but I also didn't get burned. I tend not to get tanned, I just go red then back to white anyway, nevermind.

It wasn't all fun and games though (there was a pool and a jacuzi(sp)) it was a unit of the course and we lost 5% of our marks for every morning we failed to get to breakfast for 8.30 and we had to climb a huge hill/mountain-type thing twice. Not to mention the tests and field project stuff. I managed 82% though, yay. Thinking about it though I really ought to have failed it so I could retake it ^^, maybe not.

Can't think of much else now, I'm pretty shattered, might watch A knight's tale or something though. I think I'm going to be back home this Thurs for my Nan's b'day and to say bye to Hannah. I may update before then........if I don't drown on Sun that is. ^^


I wish I had a green sari

Posted on 2006.03.20 at 12:54
Current Music: I'm hearing that song from Robin Hood from the room above
Ok, Luke didn't approve of the picture I put up of him, so hereCollapse ) is another one instead............ (I don't think its one he had in mind though ^^)

In other news: We finally got around to defrosting the freezer in our flat -the top half of it had totally iced over and we hadn't been able to shut the dorr properly since Christmas. It was a fun, though very cold/wet job, we kept uncovering food that people didn't even remember buying. I found cheery and chocolate icecream!!! Pizza was also rediscovered though sadly it was not mine.

Last Sat night I went to a Sri Lanken New Year celebration thing as it was partially organised by one of my flatmates.
A photomographCollapse )
We got to dress up, dance and play traditional games.Collapse )I also tried aubergine curry. There are some other photos which are very funny, though I may be hung drawn and quatered if I put them up (well shunned for a few hours).

It's almost Easter holiday time and I go to Spain on Sunday Yay! I can't wait to see people when I get back and resume the brownie wars, Don Smool will pay dearly for those threats!

For now though its back to work *groan*

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